Monday, December 31, 2007

Ernie Visits Me!

Ernie came to my house for a walk and visit. His people came for a walk and tea. Alice had been telling me all day he would come so I was ready. She explained how he's only been walking on a leash for a couple of weeks so much would be new for him. He also has not met many other dogs since he left his Momma and brothers.
So, we touched noses and went for a long walk around the neighborhood. He didn't need any help figuring out what to do. Sniff left. Sniff right. Special attention to the houses with dogs.We both stared through the white picket fence at Stella the Beagle who was lying on her green dog bed on the front porch. She didn't bark at us. I told Ernie that was weird. Normally she trots to the fence, bays loudly, and runs back and forth. I hope she is feeling OK..... Maybe someone gave her chocolate for Christmas?
Back home, Ernie found my kibble. He really likes it. He may prefer chicken and beef when he grows up!
I must say.... Ernie is active. Very active. Ran all over. Gave lots of attention to Alice. Sort of worrying there until Alice reminded me Ernie was only visiting.
After several hours of running around non-stop, Ernie fell asleep in the arms of one of his people. Zonked out. Pupppies do have that Off Switch. When his On Switch is back, I hope I'll see him again. Maybe we might have some adventures together going for walks in different places. ESP tells me we'll sniff around at least one airport together soon. Maybe with Zen and Slick?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 27

Cactus garden! Met a white poodle in a red sweater. Got poked in the nose by a barrel cactus. (OK, it was my fault, I got to close.) As we were leaving the garden we ran into Patsy! With her Jane! And their neighbors Cooper and Bear. Patsy simply loves, loves, loves Bear and Cooper. She pines many hours for a romp and run with them.
Here are Cooper, Patsy and Bear sitting to get a piece of beef jerky. Note: I do not sit for such treats. Fresh chicken, yes. Most jerky, no.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

I just do not understand humans at all sometimes. Two kinds of "Christian" priests actually hit each other with brooms because it seems perhaps a ladder was put in a "wrong" place. Totally mystifying.
On my morning walk today once again the big dog on Kingsley Street just barked and barked at me while I walked on the other side of the street. Bark, bark, bark. The same all the time. And each time I stop and stare at him/her. Alice says hello to him/her very nicely to no avail. Mystifying.
Abby and Sarah's Dad was quoted in a local newspaper yesterday about how Jesus was reknown for welcoming everyone - especially those others feared like lepers. I bet Jesus would not bark at me for walking by his house. Nor would he think it amusing anyone would hit another with a broom simply for having a ladder in a "wrong" place.
But, I am not going to worry about this poor human behavior. I know most humans are nice at all times, even when it is hard to be nice. They are the ones who make the good things happen like this lovely scene Alice and Pika's people saw a few days ago at a school founded in honor of St. Francis in San Francisco.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas = Big Bag of Greenies and BEEF!!!

Oh yeah..... got a big bag of Teenie size Greenies. Got to eat three of them on Christmas. Beef and more beef. Whoo-who!!!
The people got presents too. I've been thinking which presents made the people the happiest. I think they were the ones they could enjoy together. The sage bundles for smudging and waving about outside were popular and a great excuse for me to go outside to find a sunsoak spot. The smell of the oranges in the stockings. And that pink and green cape Olivia got from her Neannie complete with a big "O" on one side. Olivia whipped it on while some of the adults cautioned about Edna Mode's dislike of capes and she started running around in it. Calling out to one and all "Who needs help?!?! Here comes Super Princess!!!!"
The people all enjoyed the show Olivia staged managed while wearing her blue cape. She started by singing a solo of two verses from "Away in a Manger", then Abby and Sarah took the lead dancing and singing the "Baa Baa Sheep" number from the church pageant their Dad helped to write with a Beach Blanket Babylon pianist. 'Twas all about how the sheep started acting strangely and danced for joy when Jesus was born. Maybe one day I might dance for that song!

Christmas Eve = Ham!!

Yesssss! I got some ham on Christmas Eve. I'm still wondering what all the fuss is about. A fir tree comes inside the house. All the human family pack assembles. Lots of action in the kitchen. Santa hats to play tug of war with by the fire after dinner. Lots of walks with the people who happily groan about eating too much butter. Why isn't every day like this? That's what I would like to know.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

'Tis the Season

The family pack is getting bigger! I'm hearing this sort of thing a lot. That raindeer channeling The Drifter's Clyde McPhatter is amazing, Alice thinks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rainy Day Go Away

Rain, rain, rain. Nothing to do but wrap oneself in a blanket and try to sleep the day away. At least Alice gave me a HUGE lunch of chicken to keep my insides warm.

FRM Memorial Golf Tournament

Play kicked off Sunday for the FRM Golf Tournament. I, Pabu Mayo, was not invited. The golf course doesn't like dogs, Alice said. Well!!!! I stayed warm and cozy inside. Harumph! Three groups played: the Serious Section the Laugh-a-Lot Ladies,
and the Neannie & the Girls Team. Guess which is which from the pictures! Neannie had one of her best scores ever. She celebrated with a photo with Olivia.
What is golf really about I wonder? Alice says it's important to keep the eye on the ball as she did on one hole with the Ladies.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Messiah Sing-A-Long/Play-A-Long

I had a cozy evening with lots of chicken at Sta. Rita last night while Alice braved the cold to sing Handel's Messiah with hundreds of humans. Her local university sing-a-long is also a play-a-long. Memorial Church was packed up to the rafters. Sometimes kazoos come for the orchestra. This year there were lots and lots of recorder players who covered the oboe and basson bits. First violins were led by professors of engineering and psychiatry. Everyone who wants to gets to sing the solos. As always, the Hallelujah chorus was played and sung twice.
A group of the Stanford Savoyards were there along the altar rail. They led the student cheer to start the performance in commemoration of the fact that day was the last day of finals for them. They also posed under the mosiac by the altar which was the inspiration for their second act set to their Fall 2007 Pirates of Penzance show. Sir Arthur Sullivan would have enjoyed the night. So too, Mr. Handel.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Speaking of Fluffy Bellies

I thought I had a very fluffy belly.... and a fluffy butt, too. But. Somewhat chagrined to say one of my distant relatives in Maine, Princess Sophie Fluffybutt, has the fuzzy wuzzy prize. I suppose living in a **cold** place like Maine right now in the Winter is an advantage.I suppose also having a tibbie pal, such as Sophie has with Jason might help? At least Alice will still call me her "fuzzy bunny".... especially after I'm fluffed up after a bath.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deep Thoughts in Sunspots

The rain covered my favorite mirror. But still there is enough reflected sun for warmth. Warmer here than across the hills where this dog faced the Pacific winds at Half Moon Bay Airport yesterday. I'm warm now and ready for my next activity. Come on, Alice! Let's go!!!!

Curling in Huaraches

Pika's person thinks people could curl wearing huaraches on the Zocalo Piste. Been there, done that says a Canadian who curled in sandals last Summer at the Vacaville bonspiel. Here's a photo of him with some of the other curlers during the opening ceremony for that spiel. His shoes were off the shelf but for one toe covered in duct tape where the toes slide along the ice. Outside the weather was over 100 Fahrenheit. Shorts, sandals and even kilts were all popular that weekend.
Several curlers wore kilts. That's a popular thing for some guys in Canada during spiels. And many had uniforms like the USA men's team who've curled around the world.... but not in Mexico..... yet.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Andrew's Mexico Experience

Not to be missed. A first person account of speedskating on the Zocalo Piste.

Zocalo Piste Open until January 12!

As Alice predicted, the first ever outdoor ice skating rink in the biggest plaza in the Americas, the Zocalo in Mexico City, is so popular, the local mayor has extended its lifetime this Winter. Not to be missed was the show the other day of all sorts of sports on ice. Certainly beats the typical scene in the Zocalo with protest tent camp after protest march clogging traffic, endless banging of drums by the Aztecs dancers.... (Do they ever take a break? Vary their rhythm? No. No imagination whatsoever.)

But. The Zocalo Piste people missed a vital ice sport. They had figure skating. Hockey. Short track speed skating. Precision skating teams.

Why no curling?

Seriously. Wouldn't that be a wonderful addition to that rink? Quiet and calm during some morning business hours. And perhaps also a session in the evening, too? People don't even need ice skates to do it!

If a Mexican team ever wins an Olympic medal in curling, I will take some credit for planting the suggestion right here and now. Mexico is a snow sports country!! You can see snow covered volcanos from the Zocalo on clear days. Come on Mexico!!! Get with full Winter sports program. Are you going to cede world domination of curling to Canada?!?

Someone should throw down the gauntlet to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico. A challenge to a curling game on the Zocalo with a pickup "local" team of some good curlers from the USA and Scotland where there are lots of good curlers. That I would pay money to see.

Then maybe one day we will see this amazing curling scene on the Zocalo!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Here's the San Mateo and Santa Cruz Coast Alice saw late Tuesday afternoon from her Alaska Airlines flight. At 1:30PM that same day, a crab boat from San Leandro went missing - most likely broken apart in the surf. Sixty foot waves. Their boat emergency beacon was found floating alone.
Alice could not stop staring at the coast that afternoon from the plane. So much fog from the surf along the coast. Fog creeping into the valleys. It just seemed sad and dangerous to her. But beautiful, too.
Exactly a week ago, she was stuck in a storm in Baja California. But there this time of year it just means your feet get wet, the desert will bloom, some roads will be washed out and the animals will have lots of fresh water. And sun baths when the sky clears.Here is a real rescue dog at Gloria Greene's Farm outside San Jose del Cabo the day after that Baja storm. What a place to be rescued! Waiting for tummy rubs.Complete with "Mama" dog wearing her new rhinestone collar on the watch.
It just does not do to stay depressed when the storms come. Here is what one human did during a break in that storm down South last week. A much better image than the thought of crabbers out in that truly dangerous weather.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Seasons Come and Go

Alice is back after a vacation to the beach. I missed her. She says she missed me, too. She thought about me every time she saw another dog, even an old French carousel dog. And I missed her... just about all the time.
Winter has come to the neighborhood. Most of the trees have dropped their leaves. Cold pavement. Cold paws. Some people are even wearing hats!
Happy to hear Pika *did* get some Thanksgiving leftovers... but it was a close call. Her people have a busy life.... Reduced to skimpy restaurant leftovers this year. Barely acceptable.
Pika's town has three new ice skating rinks! I wonder if the people let strollers on the rinks there as they do in my hometown. Dogs *can* go on the ice in the strollers here.
One of the new rinks is the size of two hockey rinks. It will only be open until Janauary 2008, but Alice is predicting it will be so popular, it will be open longer. Here's a link to a video of someone explaining the "rules" for the humans.
Davos, Switzerland used to have big outdoor rinks. Alice often thinks how fun it would be to go to those big outdoor rinks. But.... I'd rather stay in a warm place by a nice hot fire with a soft carpet....