Friday, June 18, 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: Max of Belvedere

Hi! I'm Max of Belvedere. Pabu and Alice asked me to guest blog about his visit to me and my family earlier this week.

I am a big and tall water dog. A real sailor. A salty dog, if you will. I'm just one year old but I already know all there is to know about racing and cruising sailboats in the northern San Francisco Bay. I also know just about every dog who likes to run and run and run in the park right down the hill from my house.

I take care of a big human family - four people!! I love it when Alisa and Laurence can telecommute from home instead of having to take the ferry to work in the City. My oldest boy is Afton who is already out of school for the Summer and my younger one is Connor whose Summer break starts this week. YEAH!!!

So, Pabu and I became friends after he made a perimeter patrol of my living room (he's a watchdog!!), shared some Greenies, and had a walk together. He showed me how to be ON WATCH even with his eyes closed dozing next to Alice on the couch when he alert-barked once - just once! - when a delivery man brought a package to the door for Laurence while I was dozing on the big pile of pillows on the chair by my Alisa as she computered. It took me a few seconds to wake up and realize someone had come to the door!

In the evening, Pabu and Alice went out on my current boat, the Moxie, for a sunset cruise. Laurence enjoyed having Alice's friends Diane and Allie, steer the boat while Alice held Pabu. Pabu says he loved watching the waves roll by, sniffing for porpoises - saw one!! - and looking for dogs on the other boats out that evening.

Pabu and I have decided that Alisa's new company, Dune Road Designs, needs to make some dog bowls in our sizes and that we should maybe sail together one day to try out such bowls!!

Fair winds to all!!!

[pictures by Allie]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A First Visit with Snoopy!

Art brought over his new Vespa today to show Alice and me. A shop in Santa Rosa last week attached a sidecar made in India. Art calls the two together "Snoopy". The seat in the sidecar is just my size. Art will have some stronger springs put into the Vespa to help carry the weight of the sidecar which is now squashing flat the Vespa's suspension. Once those springs are in, I see many trips in Snoopy in my future. If Alice comes along, she'll have to wear a motorcycle helmet, but I don't need one by law! (Alice says, maybe I should have a helmet, too, if we can find one that is comfortable for me! Can you see us in a motorcycle shop trying on helmets?)