Friday, December 02, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving last week. I went up with Alice to our northern county property at the old U.S. Army Fort Baker. We own it! ... along with every other citizen of the US. Of course the local coyotes, deers, foxes, seagulls and seals say, "Hey! We were here first!!" But they let us share it for which Alice and I are very thankful.

A real highlight was meeting Captain. He is a distant relative of mine who had an amazing adventure in which he lost an eye. But, he's not talking about it to the people. I heard the whole story and I am not telling either. It's between us tibbies.

Captain and his people took a long walk up into the hills. He's young and can do those things. I prefered to stay in warm spots out of the wind.

Alice met Moss, a very young Border Collie who might become the local hotel dog. He'd have an appointment book packed with people wanting to take him out for walks if Nancy the Concierge of Cavallo Point Lodge at Fort Baker and his person Euan think he's up to the job. Paws crossed for Moss. If he gets the job, I'll bet he'll have many drawings made of him as Captain does.