Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Birthday Party

Yesterday, I turned eleven. Today my human family threw a party for me. Or, maybe it was really for the human's Mother's Day? No matter. I showed the great-grandchildren how to play with my favorite toy, Blue Octopus. Catch me if you can! Tug of war. Grrr, grrrrrr!! Tiny Johnny caught on fast. The girls were surprised I could run so fast carrying Blue Octopus. At eleven, I am, still very spry.

Baby Birds

Sunset at the Baylands. A sign telling Alice to slow down when she drives - Baby Birds Crossing the Road - says the sign. All those duck, plover, and wader birdies toddling across the road. I hope they all make it, find mates of their own and have more birds. I like watching them flying and then ambling across the muddy bits and the shallow lakes at the Baylands. I suppose the little snails and such they eat aren't happy about more baby birds...