Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm off on a 3-house adventure tomorrow. Lots to see. More to sniff. I'm lucky to have lots of human friends and dog friends Holly and Penny, too, who welcome me for overnights. Here is Holly visiting one of my houses!
My travels make Alice remember her visit to a repro of Columbus's favorite ship, La Nina. I would not like it, she said. All the floors slope. No good traction for furry paws. Only one place to get warm - a stuffy damp room with no windows. And Mr. Columbus only had a mini-room for privacy so small he could not stand up! I doubt there were any Happy Camper Dogs on La Nina.
May everyone have a warm and cozy Thanksgiving Day with friends and family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mary and a Boojum

Went over to sniff the Stanford Cactus Garden with Mary and Alice yesterday. Mary is in town to help a friend who had surgery to rebuild a heart destroyed by Marfan's disease. Mary looked at the Boojum trunk at the Garden and told Alice that's what happened to her friend's heart.
Alice introduced Mary to Peet's Coffee and to all the dogs and people at our closest Peet's. I think Mary was glad to get out of the hospital and under the Sun for a while. I hope her friend gets to see the Sun, too, soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ernie's Getting a Girl!

My dog pal Ernie is getting a little human girl as soon as his lady-person comes back from the hospital. Ernie went to a baby shower for the little girl. Here he is sniffing some of the loot. He will get to smell the baby before she comes home since his people plan to wrap her up in one of the new blankets and let him sniff it before she comes home. Isn't Ernie lucky? Aren't his people smart and considerate of us dogs?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Smmmm'elections

Here I am this morning. Tucked up on the bed of clover at Sta. Rita. Hmmmmm. Tempurpedic.
Alice said something about an election today. I saw her put her absentee ballot in her purse to drop off at the local polling place. She doesn't like the computer voting machines. I don't either. They hum suspiciously. And she doesn't like to waste stamps to snail mail a ballot.
Can't say I'm excited about this Big Human Election. No dogs are on the ballot. No Liberty, Ranger, Falla, Rex, or any other dogs in sight for the big race. No ponies, horses or donkeys either.
I had a vote last week when Alice gave me 6 Greenies to choose from. I quickly sniffed over all of them twice and then grabbed one. I suppose that is what the people are doing today in the neighborhood. As Alice says, "Pinch your nose - or sniff if you must - and just pick one." I have peed on a lot of election signs in my neigborhood. Takes luck and talent to nail those thin wire supports...
Alice wonders if "she" is still voting in Chicago. She voted there once while in college. The tombstones vote there she says.... (Rather worried, she checked the Cook County registrar's website tonight and found no listing for herself. Whew!, she says.)
Just for historical perspective tonight, as Will Rogers would say, "We have the best Congress money can buy."