Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tulips and More Tulips

Got to sniff around the Gamble Garden today with my good walking friends, Karen and Gay. They know about dogs! But today, I think they preferred paying more attention to flowers while on some walks to see tulips and cherry blossoms then concentraing on me. I still don't understand why people care so much about flowers when plants and lawns with p-mail are so much more interesting. Still... have had lots of nice lap sitting with my people family and friends today! Life is good!!
I feel Summer is coming. Soon the tulips will fade and the hot times will come. Backyard BBQ. T-ball games on the lawn. People eating on the back porches instead of inside after long, long days.
Spring is nice... but I prefer Summer even though Alice tell me she likes Fall and Spring the best. And blue sky and fluffy snow days, too, she says.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

While I Doze in the Sun....

I'm recovering from a nasty infection. Flattened me for a week. Only starting to trot on walks again today...
Alice spied an ad for an art auction about dogs. Here are some she liked. I wonder if this means I might one day have another picture painted of me? I like this one of a serious English Pointer. Focused on something interesting off to one side. A bird? A person? A dog peeking out of a window?
And this one of a little puppy. Makes me think of my puppyhood when my feet seemed too big and too awkward.
Finally, an Irish setter with something appropriate in the mouth instead of those moogy tennis balls. That's what those setters should be doing - dashing around fields flushing birds and bringing them back for their person to cook into tasty treats for the people.... and the dogs, too, of course! I'd be glad to try some perfectly cooked game bird with a bit of cooked barley one day.... hopefully.... maybe.....

Monday, March 09, 2009

Curling Things

A big package arrived from LL Bean a couple of weeks ago. This bag was inside. Alice said it's meant to look like the Golden Gate Bridge. Jacquie who made Pika's person's wedding dress sewed on a patch. Then, Alice put her curling shoes, kneepad, gloves and some other things inside. (I wish she would put me inside when she takes it to the ice rink....)
This week lots of curlers are in upstate New York for the Club Nationals. A ladies team from the Hollywood Club is representing California. They have the best uniform so far. The pink and black Bond Girls! They get a lot of nice comments about their kilts. They make Alice think the NorCal ladies should get some kilts too..... Hmmmm...what tartan to pick? How about the official California State tartan? One can get dog leashes in that.....hint, hint, Alice!