Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tulips and More Tulips

Got to sniff around the Gamble Garden today with my good walking friends, Karen and Gay. They know about dogs! But today, I think they preferred paying more attention to flowers while on some walks to see tulips and cherry blossoms then concentraing on me. I still don't understand why people care so much about flowers when plants and lawns with p-mail are so much more interesting. Still... have had lots of nice lap sitting with my people family and friends today! Life is good!!
I feel Summer is coming. Soon the tulips will fade and the hot times will come. Backyard BBQ. T-ball games on the lawn. People eating on the back porches instead of inside after long, long days.
Spring is nice... but I prefer Summer even though Alice tell me she likes Fall and Spring the best. And blue sky and fluffy snow days, too, she says.