Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunspot Meditating

Watched Tom Watson play golf yesterday morning. He was Ellie's favorite golfer. We'd watch him together on her TV. Alice remembers watching him with Ellie decades ago. He was always calm. A gentleman and sportsman. The nastier the weather, the calmer he would be.
Alice and I watched closely his big four hole play-off in the Open at Turnberry, Scotland. A links course. Lots of real Scottish rough. A big white hotel. A beach. Ailsa Craig off in the Irish Sea where most curling stone granite was mined. Alice has spent a lot of time with Ailsa Craig rocks....
We imagined together walking on that course on a windy Summer night. I might like to jump around those seagrass rough spots looking for golf balls - if they smelled like Greenies I would find them no matter how deep the rough! I would put my nose directly into the wind and smell the sea blowing from Ailsa Craig.
Alpenglow started as the players got their prizes. They all looked golden like my fur.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Trace and Squirrels

Here is my friend Trace, a terrier. We like to sniff and pee together, run and chase. His people are putting in an whole new front yard for him this week. A new wood fence with lots of places for him to look through, lots of new bushes, a BIG jacaranda tree, BIG bouganvillia, and a stone patio perfect for neighborhood watching through a new mock orange hedge. Could he be any luckier?
Alice wishes he would have spent more time by our front yard last week. The squirrels got every single apricot. Over 50 pounds worth. Alice had to pick them up for several days before they rotted and fruit flies had grandchildren. Aaaaaargh, says Alice. Maybe next year she will put some netting on some of the branches?
Trace likes to bark at squirrels. Any apricot tree would be safe in his yard.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Too Cold For Me?

Alice left me for many, many hours. She said I would be too cold. There would not be enough time for walks. Too risky with too much paint to stain my fur coat. Not a place me? So I waited. And waited. Now I can see ..... perhaps..... she was right. Much too much paint. No good places to curl up and get warm there.