Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 and The Rag Carpet

Here I am yesterday on my old kitchen carpet. I helped Alice guard a big house high in the hills where this carpet is for the moment. A rainy day. I just wanted to stay warm, keep my paws dry and have holdings with Alice.
I'd not seen that carpet in many years. It's funny how things and people come in and out of one's life. I walked into the room with it. Stopped dead in my tracks. Sniffed an edge of it. Alice told me, yes, it was my carpet, but it took me away to feel cmfortable to sit on it.
Here I am with the carpet when I was just about a year old. I was watching my Ellie do something while Dan took this picture.
Alice remembers helping Ellie pick out the colors of that carpet to match the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower wallpaper in the kitchen years before I was born.
I wonder where that carpet will be in another ten years? And if anyone will remember it was was mine and Ellie's? And that the colors were so carefully picked?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pika and I "Do Snow"

So.... I saw snow for the first time in this lifetime. The crunchy and icy variety. Perhaps I will tunnel in soft new snow someday?
Pika has to wear a coat in snow. And, she shivers easily. She wore her Mexican Boy Scout coat and that helped a bit. Here she is being held and here is what she saw. I think she was pretty impressed with that place. Lots to sniff and see.
Even more to sniff and see in 2009, says Alice.
Happy New Year!