Thursday, May 29, 2008

Emily Draws my Portrait

My neighbor, Emily, gave Alice a drawing of me this week. Emily wanted me to have it. Thank you, Emily!! Alice said she would post it on my blog so here it is. Notice how I am smiling in the portrait. That's because Emily always sees me on my walks when I am very happy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Percy and Daisy's Place

Percy and Daisy Morgan's Los Altos Hills house is for sale again. It's had an addition and some new paving for cars since Alice saw it last a couple of decades ago.
Three big dogs live there now and do a fine job as a welcoming committee to us dogs. Each one came to my car for a sniff and hello.
Alice reported back there are nice dog beds in the new kichen and attached family room. And, the big yellow labrador followed her around wanting to sniff "me" on her.
Her favorite room in the house is still the ballroom. Wouldn't it be fun to have a Scottish dance party or ball there, she said. She also liked very much an updated bathroom in the second floor bedroom closest to the ballroom which has a big old Victorian Gothic sideboard turned into a bathroom sink. Stark white walls and simple white marble shower bath. Really sets off the Victorian Gothic piece. Fits the house perfectly.
The original house was built in 1914/15 by Percy and Daisy Morgan. He was a son of Cosmo George Morgan, related to the famous J.P. Morgan it's said. Those were the days when the area was filled with big country houses for wealthy San Franciscans who wanted out of SF after the 1906 quake.
I wonder where those three welcoming dogs will live next? A bit of a concern that the father of the family who lives there now does not list the dogs as part of the family... Don't worry, Pabs. Those nice dog beds in the house show the people will take good care of the dogs.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Qilins of Bryant Street

A couple of weeks ago, Alice saw a house which has been protected by two qilins for decades. I just saw it from outside. I've walked by that house a few times before and always knew it had such powerful protectors.
Funny how most people think only of dragons and phoenixes when they think of special Chinese beasts.
Here is one of the qilins walking on water. They can do that and walk on grass, too, without bending a single blade. They will breathe fire at anyone who threatens those they protect.
These qilins are said to have come from Stanford University many years ago when Stanford was clearing out some treasures. I wonder who had them made and who brought them to my town? I like to think of them protecting Jane Stanford after she'd lost her husband and son. And, I'm sure they will continue to protect good people since that is their job.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The House of the Round Lawn

I waited, waited and waited while Alice was off real estating and doing other "work" things. She said I would have liked very much one place she saw today. Here is its beautiful round lawn where dogs and people can soak up the Sun. Alice is on the steps to the long and cool porch where dogs and people can cool off.
And here are two very important rooms: the kitchen complete with nice food and a dining room with a lovely old window perfect for surveying one's domain.
In another room is a portrait of a lady. Don't you think she looks like the lady in the kitchen? If you ask her she might tell you the interesting story of where that portrait was discovered.
A special family will live there soon. I hope they have a dog.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm Nine Today

Pika's person called me this morning to wish me Happy Birthday. Nine years so far for this life. I faced the Sun and stretched out. Hmmmm.
Alice let me walk almost anywhere and sniff anything in honor of the day. (But, let's face it, she does that almost everyday anyway.)
I suppose I like to enjoy the moment no matter what it is rather than meditate about "special days".
Care called, too. I know she is thinking I might like some chicken. But what I really want is the whole human family together or at least a whole day with Alice. A quiet day. Lots of sunsoaking time. Lots of naps. A little bit of action to keep the brain going. Maybe a bike ride. Just to enjoy being here.
I feel a deep nap coming on....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lu, Dave, Bill, and ??

I sat in the car while Alice went inside the Los Altos History Museum. I communed and dreamed about the tall-legged dog on the poster nearby. I got the distinct feeling that dog was the first dog for the marriage of Lu and Dave.
I've sniffed (and yes, peed) at the home near mine where that dog got to be a First Dog of a new family.
About the time the dog came to live with them, Lu and Dave had just moved West to California with a leave of absence for Dave for one year from a secure job at GE in Schenectedy, New York during the Depression. Their monthly budget for home rental was 50 cents. Scary times. Never sure if one would get enough kibble much less meat...
Dave had a college friend, Bill, who had even less money than Lu and Dave. Bill slept many nights in the unheated, detached garage complete with a big knothole in the woodwork. Burrrrr. It gets below freezing many nights a year in my neighborhood!
I know that dog worried about Bill on cold nights. Lu and Dave had each other to keep warm, but Bill had no one yet.
Lu was a whiz on bookeeping, typing, and even cooking electronic test equipment parts for Dave and Bill. Without Lu... many would have gone hungry...
During the day, she would set up the papers on the dining room table and the dog would wait patiently. At night, Lu and Dave would move the heavy table out of the way for a Murphy bed to sleep on. Not until Lu could record in her books a big sale to Walt Disney did they all stop worrying about paying their bills.
I know the name of that dog. Alice doesn't know yet. She simply is not proficient in dog ESP through the time shifts.