Monday, May 12, 2008

The Qilins of Bryant Street

A couple of weeks ago, Alice saw a house which has been protected by two qilins for decades. I just saw it from outside. I've walked by that house a few times before and always knew it had such powerful protectors.
Funny how most people think only of dragons and phoenixes when they think of special Chinese beasts.
Here is one of the qilins walking on water. They can do that and walk on grass, too, without bending a single blade. They will breathe fire at anyone who threatens those they protect.
These qilins are said to have come from Stanford University many years ago when Stanford was clearing out some treasures. I wonder who had them made and who brought them to my town? I like to think of them protecting Jane Stanford after she'd lost her husband and son. And, I'm sure they will continue to protect good people since that is their job.