Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Good Walk

What makes for a "good" walk? Must be at least four blocks long. A sunny day. Meet and greet with friendly dogs. Lots of good smells. Alice letting me sniff to my heart's content more often than not. And, for Alice, some nice things to see and do, too.
Today, the midday walk was good. Six blocks long. A stop at a favorite bush at the artist's house. Alice likes the poppies there. Down the street, people talking about the house under construction. Cody, a construction worker's dog there, gave me some updates the dogs know but the people do not.
The Secret Mountain Lab's person was out with his Great Dane and Bulldog. When the Bulldog gets tired he rides in the sidecar. When it's hot, he sits there under a little red parasol.
A "photo op" for me by some California poppies.
Long talk for Alice with a neighbor about houses in the neighborhood and parenting skills. I stretched out on the hot pavement for a sunsoak. Then cooled off in the shade. Repeat.
Two little girls gave me nice pats by these roses. They were very gentle and soft spoken. My favorite types of humans.
A good walk.