Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hanami at Scampi's Home

Last week during a break between business meetings, Alice and Pika's person went to Marjorie and Scampi's home for some hanami. What is "hanami"? Cherry blossom viewing of course! Here is Pika's person under an old cherry tree.
Marjorie was a lady who loved flowers and especially Washington DC. She would have driven around the Tidal Basin to see the famous Japanese flowering cherries. And she planted many herself at her house in the woods nearby.
Scampi was her very last dog. A Schnauser. He had a special bed in her library and he rests now with the other long gone pets of Marjorie's family in wooded pet cemetary.
Here is Pika's person looking at each of their names carved in black stone beside's Marjorie's Dacha cottage.
Marjorie was an active supporter of many "causes". She was famous for supporting the American Red Cross, helping to get the Washington DC ballet a proper home, and I've no doubt with her four Cold War bomb shelters at her Rock Creek house she had plenty of kibble for Scampi and any other dogs for disasters. She was an uber-prepared person, Alice says.
And, Alice is sure Marjorie and Scampi, Coco, and all her other dogs did plenty of hanami in Washington DC each Spring.