Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Steamer!

Alice went to see a big house today which a family wants to sell. There was chicken there for the people and for me, too! Good stuff! Alice said there was a big spotted cat lounging on a cheetah-spotted bathroom rug who never opened his/her eyes despite all the people walking through. Mellow cat!
After eating in the car, Alice got on her cell phone and called a friend who'd said at the St. Pat's party that he was going to fire up his Stanley Steamer. He had already got it going and was driving nearby so he drove over to meet us. As he came around the corner he tooted the steamer a couple of times. Looked and sounded just like a steam engine on a train. Alice said it "is" a steam engine!
The car was built in 1926. Inside it smells just like the old Jag my first person had: all wood and leather smells. But there was something different -- the sound of the engine. Alice says it's like a Chitty-chitty bang-bang car since it sort of purrs like a cat while it cruises down the street.
A car with real character.
Like that cat on the rug and that old big house, too.
Everyone ought hear a steamer toot and to ride in one, too!!