Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The humans in the family have been listening to many news reports about the doings in a Washington DC hotel room between "Client 9" and someone named Kristen. It seems she got a train trip to DC with access to a "minbar" and/or "room service". That got Alice thinking about minibars, and me, too.
I've only heard about them, never seen one until today when Alice went looking for pictures of one online. I've stayed in hotel rooms before, but never had a minibar.
Well! From the pictures of ones for humans I an NOT IMPRESSED!
There need to be changes for us dogs. Look at it from our persepctive.
There must be a water bowl. A kibble bowl. At leasat 2 choices of kibble. Some nice frozen food like barley, chopped chicken and pureed carrots -- with a microwave in the room so no need to wait for Room Service. Greenies in several sizes. Liver treats for those who like them. A chew toy. A good tug of war toy with flopping legs like my Blue Octopus. Fresh deli meats: roast beef and chicken at least.
One can dream, no?