Thursday, February 21, 2008

Skating Meccas

Alice was severely disppointed when Pika's person went to Über-Skating-Mecca Davos recently and neither ice skated nor curled. I mean REALLY! Why go there and not do at least one Winter Sport! Life is long. He will have some other chances.
The first time Alice skated outdoors was at Rockefeller Center during a Christmas season long ago. She remembers skating fast there on a cloudy day with her sister. Watching the Rockettes kick their feet high at Radio Center in Mrs. Santa Claus costumes. Window shopping nearby and taking the train back out to "The Island".
Last month, Alice went over to see the rink again. She hopes she'll skate there with her sister many more times in this lifetime.
On Super Bowl Sunday, she took another train and met a friend at their favorite Washington DC rink by the National Archives. Hot chocolate and chilli at the restaurant and a long talk about the joys of skating.
I think Alice may like skating as much as I like walking. She says there is something wonderful about freshly-Zamboni'd ice and an empty ice surface. Reflections like a lake. Smooth and fast. Spinning in center ice perfectly on one spot. Light twills around. Pull in the arms and free leg and - Oh! So fast. The world blurs.