Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Woof, WOOF!

Some humans in Hungary have figured how a way to understand the meaning of dog barks 43% of the time. So far they just have been working on the barks for stranger, fight, walk, alone, ball and play.
I don't think I have ever barked "ball" in my life. I have, however, made major eye contact with humans for the foxy-tailed toys and the plush birds with the squeezy bird song inside. But more often, the urgent-playful-toe-clicking-walk to the toy is the signal I use to let humans know I want to play with one of those now.
Alice has my stranger-danger bark down pat. The get-in-here-now bark to arriving family and friends, too. I think she understands the how-dare-you-pee/poop-on-my-front-yard bark.
I don't do a walk or play bark. I do a door-stare for the former and a paw-push-on-human-knees for the later. The same paw push is also useful for give-me-that-salmon-skin now communications.
I have an oh-no-I'm-alone bark. I trot over to Alice after she lets me know I'm not alone.
I've never done a fight bark. I do a soft and firm growl instead as a warning which has always worked to prevent a fight.
And then there are the attempts to talk like a human. Alice sometimes laughs at that. And I laugh at her attempts to bark meaningfully. But really, the best is just ESP. Works almost everytime.