Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rainy Days and Sunny Chihuahuas

Met yesterday a tiny chihuahua named Chanel. She sits in a little bed at the vet hospital by a window. It seems - oh no!!! - I have to have minor surgury soon to take off a fast growing bump on my tail. I suspect it's just another benign subcutaneous cyst. The whole vet thing is nerve wracking. I shake and shake and can't wait to leave. I don't know how Chanel can stand being there all day long. Her person says she, Princess Chanel, has a heater under her bed in the window and the real Chihuahua attitude.
Must think of other things. Sunny thoughts on this rainy day. Of Baja where I went as a puppy. Sun, sun, sun. And of Tibet before the Dalai Lama left.
I really do believe my ancestors in Tibet could spin those prayer wheels as the saying goes about tibbies there. Please "keep those prayer wheels spinning" for me when I go for bump surgery soon.
MUST think positively. Think of a sunny Chihuahua like this one who looks just like Chanel from Ida Victoria's Gallery painted by Andres Garcia-Pena. I bet he could paint herds of tibbies spinning prayer wheels in the sun. What a happy thought that would be!