Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I really did enjoy staying with Sarah and Abby, and their Mom and Dad, and their Penny and Eddie....but.... I am glad to be home. I think I may soon get to visit "the girls" for some walks and visits. I really liked cozy-ing with them during the recent rainy days. I even liked touching noses with Eddie, the cat. And having Penny to speak dog to.
So... Alice said she went to the beach again. But, she came back smelling like Bromie, the foxy-coated labrador. (Bromie is named after Brompton bicycles. Lots of bromies and baskets on this website.... More about "my" bike and "my" basket later.) Alice said she smelled like Bromie because she got a lick on the nose from Bromie at the airport right before she got me back home. Bromie had to go in the cargo hold she is so big. There was also the whiff of this other small dog on Alice. A very slight whiff. But there. If those dogs can travel with her, why not me? Alice said I would not like the cargo hold where those two had to go, nor these cargo trolleys, and besides, those two dogs did not stay with her overnight. Bromie just had a day visit and the little small one just waited in an airport line with her.
To bed, warm and safe. Lots of nice dreams tonight!