Monday, December 31, 2007

Ernie Visits Me!

Ernie came to my house for a walk and visit. His people came for a walk and tea. Alice had been telling me all day he would come so I was ready. She explained how he's only been walking on a leash for a couple of weeks so much would be new for him. He also has not met many other dogs since he left his Momma and brothers.
So, we touched noses and went for a long walk around the neighborhood. He didn't need any help figuring out what to do. Sniff left. Sniff right. Special attention to the houses with dogs.We both stared through the white picket fence at Stella the Beagle who was lying on her green dog bed on the front porch. She didn't bark at us. I told Ernie that was weird. Normally she trots to the fence, bays loudly, and runs back and forth. I hope she is feeling OK..... Maybe someone gave her chocolate for Christmas?
Back home, Ernie found my kibble. He really likes it. He may prefer chicken and beef when he grows up!
I must say.... Ernie is active. Very active. Ran all over. Gave lots of attention to Alice. Sort of worrying there until Alice reminded me Ernie was only visiting.
After several hours of running around non-stop, Ernie fell asleep in the arms of one of his people. Zonked out. Pupppies do have that Off Switch. When his On Switch is back, I hope I'll see him again. Maybe we might have some adventures together going for walks in different places. ESP tells me we'll sniff around at least one airport together soon. Maybe with Zen and Slick?