Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chanelling Isabella

Last week, Alice visited Emily's house on the East Cape in Baja del Sur. I think I would have liked it a lot. It's a dog friendly place. Big kitchen, lots of sun spots for sun soaks.
Over Thanksgiving, Emily's family painted one wall bright pink! I bet they laughed a lot while doing that. Alice walked up the stairs to admire the paint job and when she got to the top, Anders Zorn's portrait of Isabella Stewart Gardiner popped into her mind. One night in Venice, Isabella saw fabulous fireworks from her palazzo's balcony, turned to go back inside to tell her guests they had to come out and see the fireworks. Anders who'd been trying to find a pose for a portrait of her said "That!" is how I want to paint you. Isabella would have loved that pink wall. And as a fellow dog admirer, she would also have loved Emily's portrait inside.
And who is Emily? Why that's the human family's corgi whose portrait and spirit are there.