Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alice Curls While I Stay Warm Inside

Curling has started up again for the Winter in NorCal. The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club went outside for the first time a month ago in downtown San Jose for NBC Channel 11 to promote the December open house in San Jose. Alice really liked curling in sunglasses that day.

League play has started in San Jose and Fremont has an open house January 12 with league and instructional play starting there on January 26.
Meanwhile, no word yet from the Canandian Embassy in Mexico City about whether they might haul those Mexicans out to the outside ice rink at the Zocalo Piste for curling before it closes on January 13. If not at the Zocolo Piste, how about at a Mexico City indoor rink like the one at a mall in Santa Fe?! At least the call I made with Alice for curling in Mexico has been heard!!!
Well..... me and sports....I don't do anything with balls..... that's for retrievers to do. Maybe one day I will sit on someone's lap in a bar overlooking a curling rink and watch as one can do at the San Jose rink. Or perhaps see Alice play outdoors again on a sunny day.