Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tritop Ointment!

Got a better lotion for the razor burns around the sutures. And a T-shirt vest so I can't so easily scratch those spots. And some Sucralfate to settle the stomach - a penalty for eating mostly protein the past two days.
Alice got me to eat some barley with beef this afternoon - but I didn't want to drink any water. So, she's tough, she put some down my mouth with a big syringe.
But that wasn't enough. Had to get an IV for fluids this afternoon.
I am rather glad Princess Chanel wasn't at the vets'. She would have had "harsh words" for my not being a good patient. I've "only" got about 15-20 sutures! That's no big deal, she would say. She's seen lots worse. And she'd have something to say to Alice, too, for not being tougher with me, food and water wise. Those two very small drive-through hamburger patties probably gave me pancreatitis. Rats.
One good thing today: the lab results for the tail bumps were negative so hopefully that's all over with in the wagger department.