Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For the Record: I'm not Happy

Not happy. Not comfortable.
Before Christmas, Alice noticed a new bump on my tail. It got big rather fast. Two vets said it had to be taken off and sent to a lab. I think it's just another cyst thanks to an ingrown hair. Should know results by this Friday.
Naturally, once vets start looking at one, they find other things. "As long as he'll be knocked out for that tail bump, we should clean his teeth! And how about those four skin tags on his shoulder and left haunch that seem to bother him a lot."
I admit, those skin tags were bad. I flinched when the one on the haunch was touched.
So.... yesterday morning.... Princess Chanel the Chihuahua's person took me to the Back Rooms. Very frightening. A bit of a relief to get the knockout drugs.
Chanel's person brought me back out of the Back Rooms a few hours later. Doesn't she look as bright-eyed as Chanel? (Who wasn't there that day... too cold.... taking a "snow day".)
Alice had to get some antibiotics down my throat "with food" so she took me straight to a place with some of my favorite beef. "One patty, plain, no salt.) It comes in a bowl just for dogs! What service. I chomped it down.
The stitches are very uncomfortable. Alice tells me not to scratch. Easy for her to say! Another 9 days and they come off.
Spin those prayer wheels for me to wish me some more patience. A Zen Master I may be... but even they have limits sometimes.
PS Zen Masters love topical doggie creams for "irritated skin". Alice found some in the house. Zzzzzzzzz.