Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Panalog Cream

Deep into dreams now thanks to Panalog Cream. Just a tiny amount where I've been scratching one spot where a stitch rubs against shaved skin. Not on the incision itself.
Happy thoughts now.
Alice told me about the wonderful meat spread at the Campo di Bocci in Livermore this past Sunday where some of her curling club played the bocci players. Those Italians know how to cook. Antipasto with lots of meat and a selection of olives. Plates of fresh fruit. Warm hearty bread with olive oil and balsalmic. Lots of ice water. Wine. Coffee. Alice knew if I had been there I would have parked myself under the meat plates all day long so she took a picure of them.
A saying goes in bocci, "God gave us two hands: one to hold the bocci ball the other to hold a glass of wine". For me, it's four paws for Greenies, Chicken, Beef and Liver, and a mouth for a plush toy for tug of war.
All the curlers decided they could learn a lot about good food and times from the bocci people. And the bocci players learned a lot from the curlers about how to get one's sport in the Olympics. Maybe one day I'll see a punto, raffa, volo game on one of the outdoor courts at Livermore or Los Gatos? Alice said she had a lot of fun learning to "lag" the ball and she even did one stunner of a "raffa" shot in a game. That's nice, pass me the prosciutto please.