Thursday, February 07, 2008

Surgery + 2 Weeks

Almost back to normal. Tail does not feel so exposed and naked. I am sooooo glad to be back to long walks after the enforced short-walks to recover from the surgery.
Not sure which was worse: the incisions and stitches or the shavings or the.... ick! ... Clavamox antibiotic. I didn't have pain thanks to the painkillers, but oh how some of the incisions and stiches itched! I scratched one on my neck as much as I could which only made it worse. Like a skinned kid's knee at a playground, said Alice. I shuddered everytime Alice gave me the Clavamox. Made me never want to eat or drink again. Very glad that is all over now.
All that trouble over a bunch of ingrown hairs which created cysts. And some harmless skin tags. Alice says never again will I have these surgeries unless one gets infected. She agrees -- too much needless suffering. Go with the inner ESP on whether something is cancer or not.
Well, on to Spring! First daff is up in the front yard. Tulip trees blooming all over. One big cherry tree nearby is in full bloom. Life always goes on.