Friday, January 25, 2008

"Mr. Drama"

I have a new nickname thanks to one of my three vets: Mr. Drama. It seems they all know I am just mad and depressed to explain why I DON'T want to walk, DON'T want to eat, DON'T want to pee, and DON'T want to stop crying, hiffing, puffing and trembling.
Alice is clever. She got me to eat barley and chicken tonight. And, she made me jump over the dirty blankets in the laundry room, go outside in the RAIN!.... and so I RAN outside, turned around three times on the lawn.... in the RAIN mind you!... and I pee'd the biggest lake ever. Alice said even with all the rain, that bit of lawn will probably die. But she was joking. She called me a very good dog, very brave, and followed me back inside.
I realized then the laundry pile is MY BLANKETS! With MY SMELL on them. Oh joy! Sweet relief! I jumped all over them, pawed them up in a big pile and settled down for the best snooze of the day.
Isn't life great?! There is a heater vent right by the big pile. Wow.
It's still scary having all these stitches. And having my tail shaved a lot. Unnerving.
Back blogging in a week after my stitches will be out and my tail (tale?!) more presentable.