Thursday, February 21, 2008

Buffy's and Kitty Dukakis' People

Alice went over to the Cantor Museum last Sunday to see the American tourism exhibit. Buffy's person, Karen, and Kitty D's person, Ann went, too. No dogs or cats allowed inside. But I have been outside to see the Rodin sculptures - or rather - to sniff their plinths. Have to admit, I've not done merely air-peeing there.....
A favorite in the exhibit was Francis Hopkinson Smith's charcoal of Echo Lake in New Hampshire. A small lake in ski country near Conway, NH. Karen has ice skated on that lake. Seeing it brought back all her memories of time there and made Alice think of her favorite outdoor skating places, too.
Whiplash outside - a big bicycle race complete with yellow jerseys, VIP tents and crowd barriers. And.... I see some doggies. Hmmmm.