Sunday, March 02, 2008

Flowering Trees

Lately on our morning walks, Alice notices every single blooming tree. The tulip trees are popping. And even the cherries have started to blow off their petals in the strong winds this morning. I really don't know why people get so happy about flowers on trees and their petals falling on the ground. Some people like to put poems on the trees this time of year. Imagine that.
I certainly could get into some paw print poems about things I love. Cooked chicken, cut up fine. Liver gravy on soft and warm barley. Snugglng on cold mornings on a wool blanket. Tug of war with toy before the first walk of the day. But I would not take the time to write down such poems. ESP is better. ESP to the whole world like the prayers and poems printed on flags flapping in the Himalyas.
All those cherry trees blooming all over... Well. I think I may take the time to sniff a few of their trunks...