Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Why, oh why, Alice, must we cut walks short when it rains hard? See, even the daffs like being OUT in the rain.
And that new neighborhood beagle, too! He blasted across the street to meet me. And left some paw prints on your jeans, but I know you didn't mind because those are your gardening jeans already a mess from planting more daffs at Sta. Rita yesterday.
The beagle person was very nice and worried that I might be scared of her beagle, but I wasn't. Just always amused with how much energy they use. She said they are bred to bay in a pack chasing prey for up to 20 mintues.
No wonder the other beagle neighbor, Stella, can bay and bay. Never heard her do 20 minutes. Just a minute or two at most. She needs to get out more. In a beagle pack, no?!