Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog People

Some humans are dog people. Others are definately not. Some, not so sure... Here are two men I know for sure are happy dog people. Dogs like to spend time with them. Sit on their feet. Look into their eyes. Hoping - and knowing - one will get lots of attention, long walks, and good things to eat.
As for the lady in white, not so sure about her. How can I tell without some serious sniffing or at least some ESP with any dogs who have crossed her path. She comes from a place where dogs are liked. Even appreciated. Must mediate on this. Very hard to know about her seeing only a busy-with-papers photo.
You know... when the people get distracted with papers the only thing for dogs to do is curl up on any that fall to the ground to let the people know we dogs do not want people fiddling with papers for too long. Takes about from walk time!
Now here is a man who every dog knows loved us. Loved the mountains, too. And, people. A very special guy. Do you know who he was? Here's a hint: we dogs called him "Ed".