Thursday, March 20, 2008

St Pat's Beef

The St. Patrick's party is really about beef for me. I go to the party, say hi and walk straight to the table with the beef. I wait. Wait some more. And eventually, Alice gave me a slice cut up into small pieces for me. And Carolyn gave me lots and lots of little bites all night long.
I do like seeing my friends there. Lots of attention and pats. But mind is always on that pile of beef.
Very distressing when everyone starts to leave and the food table is cleared off. Last plate to leave was the beef plate. Here I am watching it being carried to the kitchen. And here it is ready for the fridge. And here I am supervising the transfer of the beef to the fridge.
Have been getting a lot of beef and barley the last two days. Wonderful!
I loooooove St. Pat's.