Sunday, April 06, 2008

Brave Hannah, Max and Wuzzy!!

Yesterday morning, Alice went to the church where Penny's people were married for a Red Cross shelter exercise. More than a hundred people came for three hours along with three very brave dogs: Hannah, Max and Wuzzy. The people set up cots, put makeup on people to simulate bad injuries from an earthquake which real docters and nurses from DMAT-6 had to triage, and all the people got cheese and P&J sandwiches.
The dogs had to make do with water.
But, they had many people taking care of them as if this was a real shelter for pets and people. Here is Hannah with her Bonnie and a Red Cross animal control volunteer, Ariel. If it had been a real disaster or a longer exercise, there would have been a volunteer from the Humane Society to help with all the animals. With treats, food, and pet bedding, too. And walks.
One of the DMAT-6 doctors told a story about his scariest experience last year at the QualCom Stadium shelter for the San Diego fires. There he was, walking in a parking lot talking to his wife on his cell phone, happily eating an apple.... with a loose Shetland pony in pursuit of that apple. Guess who won?
Anyway, I hope all reading this have disaster plans to ensure their human and animal families will be taken care of during any disaster. Alice makes sure we have lots of extra kibble and Greenies on hand and hopes we never have to be evacuated from home. It's tough to be evacuated even for an exercise. It's very scary, says Hannah, until the people you trust tell you everything will be OK.