Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dan....and Cecil !!!!!

What a fabulous day this has been. Got to see my old friends Dan and Cecil. Dan used to walk me almost every day when I lived with my first forever person after she had trouble walking me. Cecil and I used to run through lots and lots of ivy together in a safe backyard.... but that is another story.
Dan went away to school in SoCal to learn about photography, but he is now back in NorCal taking care of lots and lots of very lucky dogs, taking on photo assignments like one for Save the Bay, and - best news of all! - waiting for a small person of his own with his Miranda! But, I knew all about that special event already. Doggie ESP is infallable about human pregnancies.
Dan told Alice his new dog care service will be featured in a local newspaper soon. Can't wait to read about that! But, really, all one needs to know about Dan is he is the real deal. A person who truly loves us dogs. And we love him, too.