Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Tibetan in England

A photo of one of my relatives is for sale on EBay. Alice and I had a long look at it. We both thought it would have been hard for that one to keep his/her paws clean since it seems no one ever bothered to trim the long paw hairs there...
Makes us think about how in China - and Tibet, too - in olden days wearing ridiculously long sleeves by the humans was considered a way to show one did no manual work. One was not a peasant! One does no work in the fields!!
Well! I'd rather be a peasant with nice, clean, and neat "Italian shoe" paws than an aristocrat with a nutty costume forced to wait for someone to help me get clotted mud off the paws.
Or worse! Never to be allowed outside to sunbake on the dirt or grass! Egads!!! To be stuck always indoors or watched like a hawk outside. Never allowed to ivy dive. Lawn diving onto wonderful smells. No real natural pleasures.
I know what that sad little dog in the photo is thinking. How about a romp on real Earth in the sun?