Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lu, Dave, Bill, and ??

I sat in the car while Alice went inside the Los Altos History Museum. I communed and dreamed about the tall-legged dog on the poster nearby. I got the distinct feeling that dog was the first dog for the marriage of Lu and Dave.
I've sniffed (and yes, peed) at the home near mine where that dog got to be a First Dog of a new family.
About the time the dog came to live with them, Lu and Dave had just moved West to California with a leave of absence for Dave for one year from a secure job at GE in Schenectedy, New York during the Depression. Their monthly budget for home rental was 50 cents. Scary times. Never sure if one would get enough kibble much less meat...
Dave had a college friend, Bill, who had even less money than Lu and Dave. Bill slept many nights in the unheated, detached garage complete with a big knothole in the woodwork. Burrrrr. It gets below freezing many nights a year in my neighborhood!
I know that dog worried about Bill on cold nights. Lu and Dave had each other to keep warm, but Bill had no one yet.
Lu was a whiz on bookeeping, typing, and even cooking electronic test equipment parts for Dave and Bill. Without Lu... many would have gone hungry...
During the day, she would set up the papers on the dining room table and the dog would wait patiently. At night, Lu and Dave would move the heavy table out of the way for a Murphy bed to sleep on. Not until Lu could record in her books a big sale to Walt Disney did they all stop worrying about paying their bills.
I know the name of that dog. Alice doesn't know yet. She simply is not proficient in dog ESP through the time shifts.