Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scooby's Mystery Machine

Alice had a look at the Halloween decorations for sale at the local CVS. A plastic pumpkin in the exact shape of Scooby-Do caught her eye. She loaded into the car instead a real pumpkin from the grocery store.

But Scooby followed her...

Here is his special van just a couple of blocks from our house yesterday. Alice asked me if this is a sign she should have bought that Scooby pumpkin head. No, I said, we have enough stuff already in the house. I would prefer more room for running around having her chase me as I bite the plush squirrel toy to make it chatter.

But.... Alice is now humming the Scooby-Do song much too often for my taste....

Friday, October 01, 2010

Me & Reva

Here I am earlier today with Reva. She is an artist who is painting my portrait. There it is between us almost ready to take home. I guess this means I shall be truly immortal now that I have a portrait.
Reva also painted the two Scotsmen Alice has in our hallway. One of them looks just like a human relative and the other has deep thoughts about outdoor winter Scottish sports, which yes, do, of course, including the very best sport of all: dog walking!!