Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Furballs are problems. They just do not go away. They get bigger and bigger until my person pulls them out with a brush. I know she tries to be gentle, but the final pull always smarts.

In the past, they often got so big, someone would have to cut them out. Honkers used to grow behind my ears and under my rear legs. Sometimes I have dreams they are still there and bend myself around to see if they are still there in back.

My canine in-law, Picadou Zapote Carstens, a short haired dog, has never experienced the discomfort of a furball, nor worse, the very stressful experience of having them taken out. I hear her home is under a flood watch. I shall send her happy thoughts of sunny skies and many, many walks with her people.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fleas and Chairs

Here I am flealess last Christmas sitting in my new favorite living room chair: a dark blue leather wingback with tacks. Old favorite living room chair at Larch Drive was a a light blue velvet wingback. Every dog should have a wingback. Makes one feel safe and important. Because one is. Nice to have a chair to reflect that. It's also essential such a good chair be positioned to make convenient one's watchdog duties for the front door and phone. My people have been smart enough to know that fact, too.

I'm happy to report after the recent heatwave and an infestation of you-know-what on you-know-whom, my person has gotten herself up to speed on What To Do About Fleas. Picking them off does not work. Flea shampoo -- preferably a puppy/kitten product -- and monthly topical insecticide. I had a problem with one product a few years ago. It was rather frightening. Now I'm on Frontline under the supervision of two very competent and firm vets, Drs. Whitaker and Wilson.

Speaking of which, Dr. Wilson called today to report the biopsy for the thing on my back was benign. But, I knew that already.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gift from Pika

At 10:15 AM today someone came to the door. I barked and barked. Knew it was someone my person and I did not know. Turned out to be a FedEx person with a package for me from Pika. Thanks heaps! A clear collar so I'm not able to lick or bite the scar or stitches where the vet, Dr. Wilson, removed a cyst a few days ago. She sent a sample out for a biopsy. I don't think it's cancer. That's what the people always worry about. I think it was just a zit on steroids.

Dr. Wilson is also worried about a bump in my mouth. She will have a specialist dentist look at the X-rays next week. Dunno about that. Never had tooth or mouth problems before. Glad there were no cavities. Very glad to get some special roast beef and liverwurst suppers when I have to now "take a meal with the painkiller". Whatever that painkiller is, it works great. Just some liquid, not a hunking capsule like those antibiotics.

Coming up: thoughts on fleas, furballs, and the Art of Eating Greenies.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here I am in my backyard doing one of my favorite activities: sunning. I find a nice piece of grass, turn around a couple of times, and then lay out. I always put my face towards the sun. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sometimes I'll watch for flying bugs to catch them without sitting up. When I get too hot, I go inside and have some water. Cool off on a cool floor. Repeat. Life can be that simple. My person calls this the "Zen Dog Routine".

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Sometimes Alice takes me on flying trips. Here is a picture of what we see right before landing at our local airport. That's Bixby Park which sits on top of the old Palo Alto city dump. The pointy lines you see are "art" but they really look exactly like the lines in the Nevada deserts used to train military bomber aircrews to know where to bomb a target.

We usually fly in a Cessna 150. It has two seats for humans and a place behind the seats for small bags or me. I always have a soft blanket or human jacket to lie on there.

A C150 is not like a car. It's more like a truck. Too high for me to be able to jump into by myself so my person lifts me in. I like to sit on someone's lap on takeoff to see the ground fall away. And, then, because I don't like the noise of the engine and the propeller, prefer to lie in back. Did you know small-plane-noise is not really mostly from the engine, but from the tips of the propellers which are moving so fast they are sending out little sonic booms?

It's fun to go somewhere like Watsonville Airport where there is food and interesting smells for me. Zunigas Restaurant is there. They will bring out food for us to eat by the airplane since they do not allow dogs inside or even into their "enclosed" patio. They've got GREAT chicken.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Alice Goes Away

Alice leaves sometimes. Last week, she said she went to a place called "Pebble Beach." Sounds not like a nice place to walk on tender paws. I've never really liked walking on rough or loose stones. She said it had a lot of pine trees. Do *not* like walking on pine or redwood tree duff at all.

So, she thought I'd be happier staying with a young neighbor who would give me regular walks on my favorite streets. Have a story-time with him at a nice early bedtime hour. And, then some time with relatives who often make roast meats.

Here is a picture she took of the headquarters of the "Pebble Beach" place. I don't see many pebbles. I wonder where she really went.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Importance of Draeger's

My first person always shopped at Draeger's grocery store because it had real butchers. Never put meat into plastic. Willing to hold up each pork chop for her consideration. She knew good quality meat was necessary to life.

My new person, Alice, tries to keep up these traditions. Here I am a few days ago getting a special treat of some freshly sliced Draeger's roast beef. I'd not been eating for a while since I found out meals = an antibiotic capsule for a small infection (now cured). It was on my back thanks to a cyst that got too big.

Yes! I learned on Thursday the trick of appearing to swallow the nasty green and white capsule even if it was hidden in liverwurst or roast beef. I know how not to "swallow" but lip it and deposit it somewhere else.

Draeger's does not sell green-and-white meat. Need I say more?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Goodbye to Larch Drive

Yesterday, I sat for a while in the backyard of Larch Drive. Perhaps it will be the last time I ever come here. There are still quail in the Back Forty field. Dappled sun through the olives and pines in the afternoon. The tops of the redwood grove still have the sun. Airliners flashing on the final approach to SFO and small planes angling to San Carlos and Palo Alto airports. But inside the house were I grew up.... well..... it's not a home anymore for me. Rugs are all gone. No good food smells. No more water bowl. I do not want to set paw into the empty den, kitchen, or the bedroom wing. So, I don't.

My person tells me a new family will live there. A Dutch lady, her husband, and visiting grandchildren and their families and friends. I like the idea of the house being full of people again. Maybe they will have a dog. Or a cat. They will make the house come alive again.

We walked over to to the Boat Tree around the corner. Got to sniff all the regular bushes, gravel banks, and mail box posts. Saw two big young black labs who were being taught to walk at heel by their person. A shepard kind of dog off leash with a jogging lady.

Good memories. Nice that the old neighborhood still has lots of dogs.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Regular Routine

Alice and I usually drive somewhere most days. Here I am in my step-sister's car. We are waiting for her to come out of the grocery market at Woodside, California. It's wonderful to sit here and smell all the deli and meat counter smells. Mmmmmmm. Roast beef. Ham. Liverwurst. Salami. Pepperoni. ICE CREAM!!! Hey! That's a big dog that just went by!! No, my person says, "That's just a horse. Sort of a big dog with hoofs...." She holds me up to an open window to get a better look and sniff. My first "horse".

Monday, June 12, 2006

Where are We Going?

Pabu Mayo sends his first greetings to the Internet. He wonders where we will go.