Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Sometimes Alice takes me on flying trips. Here is a picture of what we see right before landing at our local airport. That's Bixby Park which sits on top of the old Palo Alto city dump. The pointy lines you see are "art" but they really look exactly like the lines in the Nevada deserts used to train military bomber aircrews to know where to bomb a target.

We usually fly in a Cessna 150. It has two seats for humans and a place behind the seats for small bags or me. I always have a soft blanket or human jacket to lie on there.

A C150 is not like a car. It's more like a truck. Too high for me to be able to jump into by myself so my person lifts me in. I like to sit on someone's lap on takeoff to see the ground fall away. And, then, because I don't like the noise of the engine and the propeller, prefer to lie in back. Did you know small-plane-noise is not really mostly from the engine, but from the tips of the propellers which are moving so fast they are sending out little sonic booms?

It's fun to go somewhere like Watsonville Airport where there is food and interesting smells for me. Zunigas Restaurant is there. They will bring out food for us to eat by the airplane since they do not allow dogs inside or even into their "enclosed" patio. They've got GREAT chicken.