Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Importance of Draeger's

My first person always shopped at Draeger's grocery store because it had real butchers. Never put meat into plastic. Willing to hold up each pork chop for her consideration. She knew good quality meat was necessary to life.

My new person, Alice, tries to keep up these traditions. Here I am a few days ago getting a special treat of some freshly sliced Draeger's roast beef. I'd not been eating for a while since I found out meals = an antibiotic capsule for a small infection (now cured). It was on my back thanks to a cyst that got too big.

Yes! I learned on Thursday the trick of appearing to swallow the nasty green and white capsule even if it was hidden in liverwurst or roast beef. I know how not to "swallow" but lip it and deposit it somewhere else.

Draeger's does not sell green-and-white meat. Need I say more?