Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gift from Pika

At 10:15 AM today someone came to the door. I barked and barked. Knew it was someone my person and I did not know. Turned out to be a FedEx person with a package for me from Pika. Thanks heaps! A clear collar so I'm not able to lick or bite the scar or stitches where the vet, Dr. Wilson, removed a cyst a few days ago. She sent a sample out for a biopsy. I don't think it's cancer. That's what the people always worry about. I think it was just a zit on steroids.

Dr. Wilson is also worried about a bump in my mouth. She will have a specialist dentist look at the X-rays next week. Dunno about that. Never had tooth or mouth problems before. Glad there were no cavities. Very glad to get some special roast beef and liverwurst suppers when I have to now "take a meal with the painkiller". Whatever that painkiller is, it works great. Just some liquid, not a hunking capsule like those antibiotics.

Coming up: thoughts on fleas, furballs, and the Art of Eating Greenies.