Friday, December 07, 2007


Here's the San Mateo and Santa Cruz Coast Alice saw late Tuesday afternoon from her Alaska Airlines flight. At 1:30PM that same day, a crab boat from San Leandro went missing - most likely broken apart in the surf. Sixty foot waves. Their boat emergency beacon was found floating alone.
Alice could not stop staring at the coast that afternoon from the plane. So much fog from the surf along the coast. Fog creeping into the valleys. It just seemed sad and dangerous to her. But beautiful, too.
Exactly a week ago, she was stuck in a storm in Baja California. But there this time of year it just means your feet get wet, the desert will bloom, some roads will be washed out and the animals will have lots of fresh water. And sun baths when the sky clears.Here is a real rescue dog at Gloria Greene's Farm outside San Jose del Cabo the day after that Baja storm. What a place to be rescued! Waiting for tummy rubs.Complete with "Mama" dog wearing her new rhinestone collar on the watch.
It just does not do to stay depressed when the storms come. Here is what one human did during a break in that storm down South last week. A much better image than the thought of crabbers out in that truly dangerous weather.