Thursday, November 22, 2007

Neighbors Abuzz

Quite a collection of people outside a house nearby during my big walk of the day. Two bird books and two human families trying to figure things out. A sharp-shinned hawk seemed to be having some trouble. It was perched on a box all morning long in someone's backyard, then appeared on this SUV. The people were surprised they could get within four feet of the bird. No bird band on either leg. Alice thinks it may have gotten too cold over the past two nights since they've been the first freezing nights this season. Or maybe a common cold? An injured wing?
The people will call the local wildlife rescue to see what to do.
So. Watch out all you squirrels and pigeons. A hawk is around the neighborhood again.
I bet that hawk couldn't take down a full size turkey.... But my human step-sister Jeannie can!!!