Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day Before Thanksgiving

I just received word my furry pug relative, Pika, might be missing out on an Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. I hope it's not true. It would be a tragedy beyond words. Not even leftovers?!
Alice got the ingredients for her cranberry chutney tonight. Maybe she might cook it before 4AM as she often does this time of year. Many times she's gotton on airliners with warm chutney in her carry on luggage. She knows I don't like it. Not at all. So, she got me some thinly sliced roast beef as a treat since I had to wait in the car so long while she shopped.
The lady before her in the check stand had lots of leeks - "For a soup!" - Martinellis' sparkling apple juice, wine, and three bakery boxes; and the couple behind her had stuffing croutons, celery, russet potatoes and some candies. Big discussion in the checkout line about the "People" magainze cover saying Mr. Damon is the sexiest man alive. None in the line agreed with that. (Especially those with their husbands in line with them!)
The checkout lady said this is the biggest day of the year for the grocery store. A few people had big white boxes in their carts: T-day in a box. One lady at the deli could not believe they'd run out of gravy. But, really, Alice, thought, homemade gravy is better. Always.
Lines and line and lines. It was after 5PM, so everyone was ready for the holiday to start. Smiles everywhere. Happy not to be in lines at airports, I suspect. Thinking of familiy and friends for tomorrow.
Oh! The dogs and cats will be happy tomorrow with the roasting smells and the handouts!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!