Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Goodbye to Ed

Alice can't recall the last time she went to a memorial service where the Quiet Birdmen did not one but two missing man flyovers. Right on time and right on target. 250+ watching below. The overwhelming majority pilots themselves.

In the memorial program, there was a blurb about how "When not flying, Ed could be found fixing cars and airplanes, riding motorcycles, running marathons, and pestering his cats." Alice was a bit worried. Was Ed mean to cats? Not to worry. There was a photo of him at the reception with some kitty cats vying to get into his lap. And lots of his flying patches, too. (So... what was Deborah?!) And that haunted look he had as a Pan Am pilot right after he got back from Viet Nam. Ed did not ever sweat the small stuff.