Sunday, October 28, 2007

Karen, the Red Sox and Me

Another baseball game earlier last night... I rather like them. They are usually pretty quiet and slow. A group of people sits around. Lots of pats for me. Lots of to and fro-ing to the kitchen. Lots and lots of attention for me. The people get excited when someone they like hits a ball a long way. The people also liked watching over and over and over again one runner sliding into home plate while the catcher... well.... no one is really sure where the ball was when the player's hand touched the base.....

Karen is a big Red Sox fan. Has a special baseball shirt and all. She got Roger to do the wave. She and Roger can talk baseball rules. Alice is hopeless in that department.

Lots of Red Sox fans amoung my human family and friends. Funny, none are that keen on the local team, the Giants. Roger is still mad they left New York. He is even madder the Dodgers left Brooklyn. But, not so mad that he threw away the ball his own Dad caught at a Dodgers game long ago. Pika's person, a pitcher, has it now. It's ball signed with special ESP.