Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ernie's New Human Family

Ernie of Santa Cruz has a new home this weekend. Here he is with his new human laps and arms. It's awfully scary leaving Mother and siblings for the first time - forever and always most likely. But! That is what we dogs are meant to do. Ready to dash out into the world for adventures and a family to love and protect.
His favorite things in his first 24 hours with his new family are to lick faces and curl up in little balls ... and go to sleep right next to his people. He'll be meeting soon his big human family such as the very nice lady who worked with Alice at the airport this weekend. Ernie: watch out! She does not like ham or meat. So no good meaty handouts from her!!!
Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about Ernie and hoping to meet him as soon as he is big enough to get his shots and meet the Greater Dogdom World. It's a fun life, Ernie, and you really lucked out finding such a great family.