Sunday, October 21, 2007

Slick and Holly

Alice left me from before first light to hours after the Sun set. She came back with a whiff of BBD Slick on her foot and hands.

One tries to be calm. Easy to forget Slick, the Big Black Dog, when Alice hugs me close. She said I would not have been happy where she had to be all day Saturday. Lots of airplane noises. No time for walks. (Imagine no time for walks....!!) And not a good place to heat up my meals.

Then, when all seemed back to normal, what does she do but walk me by Holly's House. Holly. That Corgi who always rushes to greet Alice before touching noses with me. Honestly, do you call that decent dog manners? Still.... Holly has a different outlook on life than I do. She is afterfall, the best chicken rounder-upper I've ever met. Talented one, she is. And always cheerful and excited about life every minute of every day.

Meawhile, I hear Pika's person is back with all her most important people. But, doggie ESP tells me she wishes she was getting more walks from a certain someone who wishes she could be on his shoulder all day Sunday. She could snuffle and snort at all sorts of things all day long and make everyone smile and laugh.