Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma and Insecticide Today

Got my monthly insecticide dose today. How I hate it. Smells bad. But, Alice says the local fleas and ticks are so bad in this hot weather I must have some protection. I have been scratching a lot lately. A lot.
Over in Burma, I suppose the military junta there thinks they are doing the same sort of thing. Something that "has" to be done. As if those they hurt are just insects.
But.... what the junta is doing.... denying their own citizens free elections. Today, it began killing peaceful Buddhist monks.... while the world.... especially the countries blocking UN action.... stand back ... just watch and talk.... yack, yack, yack.
Pika's person asked Alice this morning for an edit on a paragraph explaining why a book should get an award in commemoration of the Dayton Peace Accords which helped calm some things down in the old Yugoslavia. A book all about the history of nonviolence in political changes. How odd today of all days to think about that. The day the Burmese military junta opened fire on peacefully marching and chanting monks. The day I am free another 30 days from biting bugs...
As a Buddhist myself, I hope the insecticide Alice gave me just makes me untasty and does not kill the bugs.
Those monks in Burma must figure out a way they can be untasty, too. I think they have if enough people around the world keep watching what is happening there and demand of their own leaders to stand up and do something. I'll be watching.