Saturday, September 22, 2007

Woodside Pub

I like to go the the Woodside Pub. Lots of dogs there Friday afternoon. A poodle just back from the groomer with her own two pink towels to lie upon. A cairn under a table and another cairn on a lap. Me, too, of course. I got lots of chicken. Poodle didn't get any. Dunno what the cairns got.
Poodle got a bowl of water but I didn't want any of her water. I waited to drink out of Alice's water glass when she was done with it. With ice. Yep.
Alice thought the funniest thing was when the cairn lapsitter's person had to get something in the parking lot, her male lunch companion answered her cell in a deep voice, "This is Pam!" and all the people at my table laughed.
It's nice to go there. And nice to leave with family. Getting to go home or go on more adventures. Tra-la!